How to Become Awesome with Books


We fancy ourselves experts of awesome things. Books are awesome. We love books. Ergo we are awesome. Stick with us as we guide you through the funky-fresh books worthy of your reading time.

The Terminal Experiment

Do you like your sci-fi without aliens and lasers? Perhaps you want a story a little more grounded in fact? This is the book for you by author Robert J Sawyer. Follow a man who has placed an exact copy of his mind inside a computer. Unfortunately, people start dying and all the evidence naturally points to the living man and not his computer counterparts. A good read for sure with a surprise ending that will make you question your humanity.

The Lace Reader

This is a suspense novel that delivers. The twists and turns by author Brunonia Barry are amazing and astounding. You will want to read this book more than once to take in the subtle nuances of a character who has successfully pushed aside faucets of her memory to the point where she has no real grasp on reality. Due to that, neither will you. This author needs to write more for sure.

Guilty Pleasures

Want a little smut? This book by author Laurell K Hamilton is the introduction to Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter. She gets involved with a vampire who brings about emotions she thought she would never have. And by involved we don’t just mean sexually. She has to fight some things and work with some things that are not entirely human. Laurell K Hamilton novels are worth a read for a little excitement and a little adventure into the supernatural.

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