Romantic Novel Picks: Great Romantic Books for Valentine’s Day

Whether you have a lover or are flying solo this Valentine’s Day, you are definitely going to want to take advantage of this lovey day with some romance novels. Try some of these to get your romance on. (To be clear we are talking about Romance not Erotica. If we receive enough requests, we may build an erotic list later. Stay tuned.)

Ella Enchanted: Many people are familiar with the traditional Cinderella story. A girl loses her shoe and finds her love all in one night. This story is more tragic than that Disney-inspired garbage. Spoiler alert: Ella (Cinderella in all other stories) gets the guy in the end. Yet, she had to endure the loss of her mother, the betrayal of her father and a curse that made her a slave in her own house and own mind. Due to that, she pushed away the people who loved her. In the end, a fairy didn’t save her. She did. And it was she, not him, who went down on one knee. He fell in love with her for more than just her shoes. Although, truth be told, those glass slippers rocked.


Pride and Prejudice: Maybe an old-timey book is more your style. Look no further. Enter Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. From the beginning they are snarky to each other and it is not perfect. And yet, love blooms. Toward the end, when Mr. Darcy tells Elizabeth how much he truly loves her, you will find yourself wanting the same words said to you, regardless your gender. The language may make the love story more dry to some, or perhaps more pronounced to others–another time when cell phones didn’t exist and people wrote letters for the sake of writing letters.





The Princess Bride: A movie favorite, which as many things, was first a book. Any who have read it know it is by William Goldman who claims to have written it as an abridgment to the original work by an author named S. Morgenstern, however no such book exists. It just adds to the hilarity that is this piece of art. You have the daring love story. A woman, Buttercup, falls for a man who is not royal, is not rich and yet is perfect in every way for her. She thinks him dead and is promised to another. In this story, he comes to the rescue and we as willing audience members, cheer him on, even after he comes back from mostly dead. And of course, that kiss is sublime.




There are so many great romance novels out there, these are our picks. In honor of Valentine’s Day, curl up with a good book. Oh, and Happy Early Valentine’s Day.

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