Editor: A Case Study of This Species

48042-Book-NerdDay 1: I have discovered this species of person, they appear humanoid in nature, but I have never seen anything like this before. They do not appear harmless, so I will investigate further.

Day 2: There are two of them, they are friendly with one another and seem to wear similar clothing. It must be the clothing of this tribe. I am still not certain what tribe they are from but I have heard them use the word editor.

Day 3: There are books everywhere along with pens, notebooks, computers and mugs. They seem to drink only tea in large quantities. The pens are peculiar. The ink is all red.

Day 4: Danger! One shouted when I stepped on one of the books. I have to be more careful going forward as these objects filled with paper seem very important to them. It may be the deities of their people.

Day 5: They have offered me tea. The flavor is good and suddenly I have this warm sweater I do not remember wearing before. Also, I have the strong urge to correct incomplete sentences. I fear their condition may be contagious.

Day 6: I am one of them now. Books and editing are amazing.

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      Jenny and Krystal, you two did an outstanding job correcting my quotes and restructuring many sentences throughout the 307 pages. The final edits will assist Harden's Shadows in reaching our readers with ten generations of promising stories spanning 300 years. You are truly my Author's Editors. It is my pleasure to recommend Pypeline Editing. You provided a thoroughly professional experience for a new author.”
Rob Harden
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