Famous Tea Drinkers

Tea is the drink of life. It is certainly the famous beverage among editors and writers. We are here to show you three amazing tea-drinking characters, who are all amazing on their own, but improved by this hot elixir.

Capt-PicardJean-Luc Picard

Played by the classy Patrick Stewart, known as Professor Xavier in some circles, Picard commanded the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Apart from being diplomatic, logical and moral, Picard had a deep love for tea and could be seen indulging regularly on the show. His tea of choice? Early Grey of course! Hot.



d16919f564a63dac1c35c0f6f4727e59Rupert Giles

On the television adaptation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rupert Giles is Buffy’s watcher: counselor, trainer, advisor, friend, colleague, father-figure and so on. Played by Anthony Stewart Head, the Englishman likes a good cup of tea, calls it soothing. He certainly isn’t wrong about that. With his night-job, he certainly needs a soothing cup of tea.



de584f277f20e07dee3134890f36f88cArthur Dent

In Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Arthur Dent loses his home, his planet and the opportunities to enjoy a good cup of tea. This book to TV show to film in 2005, may have changed a bit, but Arthur’s love for tea stayed the same. In the movie, Arthur is played by Martin Freeman, who is known as Bilbo and Watson. When he finally gets his tea he has only one thing to say: “Oh come on, that’s lovely.”


All these actors are English and love tea, interesting. Have any one we missed you want included? Let us know!

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