Don’t Give Up: Famous Authors Who Were Rejected

seuss 1.jpgYou wrote your story, had it professionally edited and sent it out to publishers. You waited patiently (or anxiously) and the rejection letters arrived. One by one they said they didn’t want your story–and that’s OK! Rejection is the name of the literary game, and you are not alone. Here are some famous authors who were rejected too.

  • Agatha Christie: This famous author has written such favorites like And Then There Was None or Murder on the Orient Express. Believe it or not, her mystery novels were denied.
  • Dr. Seuss: Consider this possible nostalgia from your childhood and be happy he didn’t give up. If he had, you wouldn’t have Green Eggs and Ham or The Cat and the Hat.
  • C.S. Lewis: The Chronicles of Narnia did so well the movie industry wanted in on that action. The jury is still out on the strength of the movies, but the books are prized the world over.

This may sound like an after-school special, but don’t give up. These authors didn’t and look how many people they have reached with their books. No one likes rejection, but perhaps one closed book is another opened.

Have any of your favorite authors who were rejected too? Share them with us!

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