Basic Grammar: Word Choice

images (4)Unfortunately, even with the technology we have today, not all spelling and grammatical errors will be caught by the computer. That is why we decided to talk about a few errors that will not always be caught by using spell check and grammar tools.

OK: This is one we see all the time, so let’s clear it up. This word should always be written with a capital “O” and a capital “K”—OK. Okay is acceptable in some informal writing, but in edited writing, OK should be used.

All right and alright: Alright is not all right. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but use that cheesy line. Alright doesn’t show up as being spelled wrong, but it should still not be used. The correct way to write it is “all right.”

All together and altogether: Altogether and all together are both acceptable, but they have two different meanings. Use altogether when you want to say entirely or completely. For example, you could say, “It was altogether a fun time.” All together as two separate words means collectively. You would use it in the sentence, “We went to the movies all together.”

Now that you know these rules, you can start using them in your own writing. Your editor will thank you.

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