Be Prepared for An Editor with These Tips: What to Expect When You Go Editor Hunting



You think you are ready for an editor. Your manuscript is complete and you feel accomplished. Now you want to have a professional look it over. Before you begin your search for a trusted editor, read these tips so you are prepared for what comes your way. As always, if you have a question contact your friendly Pypeline Editing and we can answer any and all questions you have (about editing.)

  1. Don’t Hire an Editor for Your First Draft: Even the best of the best will have a manuscript riddled with typos or character arcs that just don’t arc correctly. The point is, when you hire an editor, it is because to your knowledge and expertise the manuscript is all but finished. The editor’s job is the last hurdle; to perfect it, to clean it up, to be the last set of eyes. If the story is not to your liking in the first draft, then seeing an editor could change it immensely to something you don’t even recognize.
  2. Prepare Yourself for Feedback of All Kinds: This may sound obvious, and yet it is often times overlooked. A good editor will be entirely honest with you and offer advice on how to strengthen a novel in order to attract a publisher and/or admiring fans. This could mean only one thing, get ready for some constructive criticism. You will not like what you hear all the time, but a great editor will tell you what you need to hear to make your manuscript wonderful.
  3. A Good Editor Makes Your Book Wonderful, Not His or Hers: You are going to an editor because you want advice. Key word is advice. As the author, keep in mind a good editor is giving you what is best to make your manuscript succeed. However, it is your job as the writer to not only take the advice, but ultimately decide what advice to take in order to maintain the integrity and voice of your story.

You have the above tips to help you when deciding on an editor. If you have questions on any editor, especially Pypeline Editing, contact us today. We will give you all the answers.

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