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castleIt is said that you should surround yourself with the right people, but what does that really mean? If you are a writer that means at least some of those “right” people should write. There are many benefits of being friends with other authors; below are just a few.

Authors Support Each Other-The author community is all about supporting those within it. If you throw a book release party for a friend, they might return the favor. Social media is also a great way that authors support each other. You can develop a quid pro quo relationship and most authors are genuinely happy when their friends succeed in their writing careers.

Authors Are Opinionated– I have yet to meet an author who was not opinionated. Most authors will have ideas and criticism in abundance. If you surround yourself with writers, you are never far away from someone who will gladly critique your book. Even if you just need some ideas, brainstorming with other creative minds will usually take you further than you could go on your own.

Authors Have Connections- Do you want your book to be in local bookstores? Your writer friends might know the best people to contact. If they have worked with these stores before, mentioning their names might give you an advantage. They can also give advice for contacting publishers or agents based on past experiences. Of course if you need a great editor, you can consider us your writer friends and contact us.

In short, writers are amazing and you should be friends with as many of them as possible. If enough writers band together, they can take on the world or at least create some new ones.

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