Best Places for Writing Inspiration in Reno

ranchoAll of my fellow Reno writers know that Reno has a lot of great places to go for writing inspiration. I just want to share some of the ones that stand out to me. These places never fail to give me the writing inspiration I need.

Rancho San Rafael-This place is gorgeous anytime of the year. During the summer and the spring I like to sit on a bench or walk around on the trails until an idea comes to me. It’s hard not to be inspired by the pond, the trees, and all the people with their families and their pets. When it’s a bit colder, I still enjoy walking around the trails to get inspiration. With the fresh air and beautiful scenery, writer’s block doesn’t stand a chance.

Casinos-I know some people will think this is a weird choice, but I felt like I had to throw it in there. There are so many character ideas walking around at any given time in a casino. Even if gambling is not your thing, sitting on a bench and people watching will give you inspiration. There is no shortage of “characters” in any of Reno’s casinos.

Wild Island-This place is technically in Sparks, but I couldn’t leave it out. What better place to get some ideas than a place where you feel like a kid. Zoom around the racetrack, play miniature golf, or slide down a water slide and your mind will be free. The best part about going here is there is so much to do, so you can go from one activity to another until you find something that inspires you.

We want to hear where you like to write. If you have a favorite place to write in Reno or your hometown, share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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