Character Development

characterOne of the most important parts of writing a story is coming up with the characters, so it is important not to overlook the details when describing them. There are three things I usually do before I start writing that help me develop my characters.

Develop Character Bios-Make sure you create a character bio for each of your main characters. Write down where each character is from, what their childhood was like and anything else that has helped shape that character into the person he/she is. Sometimes that information will not make it into the story, but it will help you as an author to come up with a more authentic storyline.

Determine Characteristics and Habits-I like to write down the characteristics of each one of my characters to get a better visualization of how they would act in different situations. Many times when I am writing down a character’s habits, it will give me an idea for part of the story. If one of my characters likes to take the easy way out, for example, he might take a short cut down an alley and run into some trouble.

Draw Your Characters-Draw each of your main characters when developing your story. Even if you aren’t the greatest artist—I am definitely not—this visual representation will help as you are writing. When you want to reference a physical characteristic of one of your characters you will just need to look at your pictures. Obviously, most authors have a mental picture of what their characters look like, but the pictures help maintain consistency with details about the characters’ appearance.

With all these details laid out, the words should flow out much easier. Of course if you get writer’s block, we have a blog for that as well.

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  1. Charles Wellington II

    I fully agree. A writer should know their character’s progression in habits and experiences from childhood to adult; or at least up till the point in timeline to where they begin their story.
    Very good advice.


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