Correcting Your Coworkers

angry officeAs a grammar stickler, I cringe every time I receive an email from a colleague and I find a typo. It’s an awkward situation. Do you say something or ignore it and move on? I have found that there are a few ways to correct your coworkers.

Mimicry –Imitation is a form of flattery, right? Well, it can also help with correcting some grammar mistakes in the office. For example, let’s say your coworker sends an email stating, “We are looking for the files. Their very important. Do you know where they are?” If you aren’t comfortable pointing out that “their” is wrong, you could reply with something like, “I understand they’re important…” You will be correcting them without stating it outright. This approach will probably not be instantly effective since it is a subtle way of correcting someone, but it might have some promising results after repeating this a few times.

Send a Memo-Sometimes misspellings and grammar mistakes result from a lack of proofreading. If you are in a position to do so, send out a memo reminding everyone to proofread emails and other documents before sharing them. A subtle reminder will help avoid an awkward confrontation and will make your coworkers pay more attention to their writing. If you are not in a position to send a memo, consider asking your supervisor to send one.

Be Direct-Being direct is also a good option to point out typos and grammar mistakes. Be careful with this approach, though, as some people might get offended. You could mention that you don’t want a typo to detract from the message he/she is trying to convey. Hopefully with the right approach, your coworker will appreciate your honesty and you will be on your way to a typo-free workplace—just kidding, but at least it will be better!

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