How to Act like an Editor this Winter

If you read the title of this blog you were probably expecting something crazy and odd; editors must do weird things. However, I assure you, we are fairly tame, but these tips may benefit you this season. (Even if they seem a little straight forward.)

So, how does an editor celebrate the winter, especially a day after Christmas? Below are some glimpses into the lives of at least two editors and the things they can be caught doing this holiday season, things you yourself can duplicate for writing success, editing success or winter success.

(It’s a little late, but Merry Christmas!)

  • Read books: Winter is a perfect time to be indoors reading. The best way to become a better writer is to become a better reader, which in turn makes you a better thinker. I always have a book by my bed, a book in my purse and a book in my car. (Sometimes they are the same one!)
  • Write: You can never improve or accomplish your writing goals without doing the one thing you need to do. Carry a notebook wherever you go and write anything. Even a list can help, if not for writing practice, at least to keep you on track. In between holiday parties, make time for writing. It doesn’t have to be serious, but it can be beneficial.
  • Shake Water Globes: This seems silly, but hear me out. Be whimsical. Take in the holiday season and the magic it always brings. Shaking a water globe makes you confront the magic in the world in order to jumpstart creativity or even brainstorm ideas.
  • Visit Grammar Sites: The other three options may have seemed common place, but this items screams editor specifically. There are a variety to choose from, but it is always good to see what grammar rules are in the “news.” Staying informed, especially on new editing trends is important. One of life’s truths, grammar rarely takes a holiday.
  • Holiday Parties are Now Writer Parties: If you are a party-thrower, try throwing one with other writers or even editors. You can still mingle and talk about holiday things, but it is always a great idea to pick other brains regarding writing ideas and even writing tips. Even “off-the-clock” parties can prove fruitful in terms of ideas.

Writing season is year-round, but especially brilliant during the winter time. Try these out, let us know if any worked, didn’t worked or needed tweaking.



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