Extending Your Business Reach with Writing

PE laptopIf you are a small business in Reno, Nevada, or anywhere for that matter, and have found your way to Pypeline Editing, then you are looking for advice. How do I extend my reach and appeal to more customers/clients? Content is your friend.

  1. Have Great Web Copy: Not only does it need to be easy to read and entertaining to read, but is must also attract the search engines. Google randomly makes it more difficult to optimize your search engine optimization by making it hard to access search engine keywords. The trick, what would you search for if you were looking for your product or services? Or better yet, find someone who is an expert on this.
  2. Show You are an Expert: What is one thing an expert usually has at his/her disposal? Other than a flying car, the one thing they have to show is a book. With ebooks becoming more and more popular, it is easier than ever to write a book. Whether you are an amazing accountant or a fly fisherman, a book with how you do what you do, and do it well, shows others why they should trust you.
  3. A Bonus Blog Shows Your Worth: Having a blog written by you or even a trusted writer shows others how you do what you do, just like having a book. This also keeps you up on search engines to help bring traffic to your website. A blog is easy and when keywords are used, effective.

Writing may not be a skill for everyone, but that is where writers come in. Hire someone you trust, who knows what to do and is fun to work with. Writing may be undervalued by some, but is a hefty asset for everyone.

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