Facing the Critics

criticAs a writer you will inevitably face some critics along your career path. Criticism can be painful. You spend all your time and energy working on your book and someone comes along with their censure to try to take away your joy—at least that’s what it feels like. Below are some tips on how to rise above the critics.

Embrace It-Not all criticism is bad; some of it can actually improve your writing. If someone, an editor for instance, gives you friendly advice on your writing take it into consideration. Not all critics are out to get you so try to recognize constructive criticism. This type of criticism will usually include suggestions, instead of attacks on your writing.

Use It-One of the positive points of being criticized is that it can make you a stronger writer and person. As a writer you need thick skin and after enough people rip apart your writing you will get it. In time you will be able to hear unfavorable opinions on your writing and not be affected by them. Whenever you hear negative critiques on your writing make sure to defend it. There will always be critics but if you come back with a reasonable argument, the criticism might decrease.

Ignore It-There will also be times when you receive criticism that is completely unfounded. If you feel like you are being attacked and the critic is not providing any suggestions, it is OK to ignore that criticism. If it feels like an attack, it probably is one. The best thing to do in this situation is to just move on.

While criticism is hard to deal with, using these tips will help you get through the pain. Being criticized is part of being a writer, so if someone is judging your work then congratulations you’re a writer!

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      I am very pleased with the work you've done on my book.  Your suggestions and corrections were spot-on and you took my lumps of words and smoothed them out in to a what now reads as a polished and certainly more fluid piece. I wish you and Pypeline much success and do see a busy future for the two of you. I am working on other projects and will no doubt call on you again for help.  ”
Joseph L. Cacibauda
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