Hoe Hoe Hoe No: Common Holiday Writing Mistakes

imagesThe holiday season is upon us, but that doesn’t excuse you from writing errors. To help you avoid embarrassment with the grammar enthusiasts in your life, pay attention to these common holiday writing mistakes.

New Year: When you are wishing someone a happy New Year, it should be written as “Happy New Year,” not “Happy New Years” and “Happy New Year’s Eve,” instead of “New Years Eve.”

’Tis the Season: Don’t forget the apostrophe in front of ’tis. It is a contraction of it is, so since the “i” is left out the apostrophe needs to be placed at the beginning of the word.

Please RSPV: The “please” is not needed in this phrase since RSVP is a shortened version of répondez s’il vous plait, which means “respond, if you please” in French. If you keep the please, it will just sound like you are begging.

Capitalization: Only capitalize words like “happy” and “merry” if they start a sentence. For example, “Have a Merry Christmas” is incorrect and “We hope you have a merry Christmas” is correct.

Season’s Greetings: It should be written as “season’s greetings,” not “seasons greetings.” It is greetings of the season, so the apostrophe is needed.

Whether you are writing a Christmas card or a letter to Santa, keep these in mind when writing your holiday correspondence this season.

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