How to Write After a Holiday

This place card idea was listed on Artists Helping Children who shared it from Fiskars.

This place card idea was listed on Artists Helping Children who shared it from Fiskars.

Your tummy is still full of turkey (or “tofurky”) and more importantly, you are still on vacation-time. It is difficult to get back to work after a holiday, especially one that demands you sit and eat for a solid day. So how do you do it? How do you find the motivation to get back to writing in order to meet your deadline? How do you get the motivation to write to make sure you meet your goals, despite a holiday?

Let me just say, it will be tough, but it is in fact doable! Here are some tips on how to find that motivation Thanksgiving almost destroyed to get you back in front of that story.

  1. Set a Goal Before the Holiday: To ensure you are on track you must first have a goal. How will you know you missed your goal if you never had one? Also, without a goal, how would you stay accountable? Instead, write down your list of goals before the holiday, and include fun things, too. One, eat leftover turkey. Check. Two, eat leftover pumpkin pie. Check! Three, write at least one whole chapter before end of day Monday. Uh, check? Write down your goal, then go to tip two.
  2. Set a Reasonable Goal: The goal you set in tip one should have been reasonable. Do not set your heights too high and risk getting disappointed in yourself. Instead, go easy on yourself, cut yourself some slack. It is the holidays after all. Can you do a chapter in a couple of hours? How about two? Write it down!
  3. Set Limits: Just like approaching Thanksgiving dinner when on a diet, one must set limits when planning goals for Thanksgiving and the days after it. If you plan on writing and you are traveling for Thanksgiving, share your goal with your family and friends so they do not wonder where you disappear each night. As an added bonus, they may help hold you accountable. Also, this may mean missing cocktail hour or going to bed early. You need to decide if it is worth it.
  4. Bring the Necessary Tools: If you are a writer online, you must have a computer and internet. If you only need a notebook and pencil, that’s fine too. However you write, make sure you have what you need to do so. Don’t let that be an excuse to not uphold your goal. If need be, write on that hotel stationery or even that bar napkin.
  5. Set a Reasonable Deadline: Ok, you set the goal, you told the folks and you brought the stuff, now write. Obviously it can be really hard, and guilt from family and friends can make it even harder, but that is why your goal must have a deadline. If there is no way you can or will write when still on family time then don’t. You have earned a break and you deserve time with family and friends. That being said, be ready to kick your own butt when you get home!

Share your goals with us and we may even share them on our blog!


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