It’s All About You: Tips for Writing a Memoir-Part 2

indexA memoir is far different than any other type of writing and can therefore be harder to write. We shared some tips in a previous blog and wanted to share a few more for anyone who is thinking about writing a memoir.

Write In The First Person: This is your story, so make sure you write in the first person. The reader needs to see everything from your perspective. Writing in the first person will make the story more personal and allow the readers to better relate to you.

Revisit Your Journal: If you keep a journal, look back through your journal entries. Your memory may differ from what actually happened so go back to your journal to see what you wrote at the time certain events happened. Rereading your journal entries will help jog your memory and bring back the emotions you were feeling at that time.

Edit Later: It is important to avoid editing as you write. You might be tempted to take out seemingly insignificant details when you are writing your memoir, but fight that urge. As you read back over your writing, you might find that some of those details are more relevant to your story than you originally thought.

If you wrote a memoir, we would love to hear your tips as well. Share them with us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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