Life of an Editor

indexDo you ever wonder what that mysterious thing called an editor does on a daily basis? We are going to assume the answer is yes and let you know some things an editor does on a typical day.

Meet with clients. Meeting with clients is a vital part of an editor’s job. The face-to-face contact allows the editor and writer to create a relationship to help the editing process go smoothly. If the editor and writer cannot meet in person, Skype is a great tool for editors to “meet” their clients.

Read grammar blogs and articles. Grammar rules change over time, so it is important for editors to keep track of the most recent rules. Even if editors are not reading about new grammar rules, they can refresh on the old ones.

Read books for pleasure. Like they always say a good writer is a good reader. The same goes for editors. Reading keeps the creative juices flowing and can provide writing inspiration. Many editors read a variety of books to get a feel for different genres. Reading popular books is another thing many editors do in order to know which books sell well, so they can use that knowledge when editing their clients’ books.

Edit books, obviously. This one is obvious, but it is the main thing an editor does. Much of an editor’s time is spent on the computer editing their customer’s manuscripts until they are ready for publication.

We hope we were able to shed some light on what an editor does. If you would like to learn more out writing and editing, check out our blogs on writing and editing.

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