Literary Music: Music to Get You in the Mood to Write

thenovelistsbookclub2small-974x416How does one get in the mood for writing? Some authors argue they are always in the mood while others need conditions to be perfect. The musical choice can make or break a writing situation. We suggest having literary musical options, and these ones will have you smiling and writing the whole day through.

  1. American Authors: This popular song played on all the hip radio stations these days is Best Day of My Life. You would recognize it if you heard it, which we suggest you do by searching for that song right now or clicking on the link we supplied. We’ll wait. Fantastic? We think so, not to mention a song about the best day of your life may be a song about you finishing that book. After all, the band is called American Authors.
  2. The Novelists: This band has local roots in the Biggest Little City of Reno, Nevada. Their CD Release Show was at The Nugget for crying out loud. Can’t get any more local than that. With a name like The Novelists how could you not be in the mood to be a novelists yourself? Their hit I don’t Want to Be Like You is an anthem to make your own path. And their website has funny puns, like the Book Club as their membership headquarters. Fun!
  3. Veruca Salt: Here is a more direct connection, as this is adapted from a popular children’s book. Do you know it? Do you give up? Did the anticipation kill you? OK, we’ll tell you. It’s from Roald Dahl’s popular book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Now we refuse to give anymore away than that about the book. If you do not understand the reference, grab the book, grab a friend who’s read it or watch the movie adaptations if you must. Either way, look up their music, their song called The Museum of Broken Relationships will have your toes tapping and your pencil writing (or keyboard typing).

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