Myths about Editing: Part 2

images (7)If you have been following our blog, you may have read Myths about Editing: Part 1. In that blog, we discussed a few book editing myths that we have heard and we would like to discuss a few more.
Myth #1: Editors will make too many changes.
Editors will not make changes without good reason. It is their job to enhance your work, not completely change it, so don’t worry about your editor making too many changes. Seeing your book marked up might be difficult, but just remember that those changes are meant to improve your book.

Myth #2: A family member or friend can edit my book.
It is best to have your book edited by a professional. Many times family and friends will not be completely honest with you about your writing, but an editor will be. It is a good idea to have other people read your book to give you their thoughts, but we strongly suggest that the final editing be done by a professional editor.

Myth #3: After the editing is finished, the book is finished.
Book editing is a big part of getting your book ready to be published, but it is not the last step in the process. Your book will still need to be formatted, you will need a book cover, and you will need submit your book to a publisher or self-publish. 
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One thought on “Myths about Editing: Part 2

  1. Laurel Busch

    Another problem with using friends or family for editing: Unless you are paying them professional rates, they will not be motivated to be as thorough as they should be.


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