New Year’s Resolutions: How to Finish that Book You’ve Been Writing


431824_591774847499749_419924286_nNew Year’s Eve is that dreaded time of year where everyone makes a New Year’s resolution–or in other words makes a promise to do something the person probably never will complete. Don’t be that person. Instead, tackle that resolution of writing a book and do it! Here are three tips on how to get that idea out there. If you need a reason why, here it is–because you have put it off for far too long and you need to get that story out there. OK, that’s two but you get the point.

Find your inspiration destination 

Start by finding where you get the bulk of your inspiration. Is it sitting in your car? Sitting in the shower? Sitting in the park? Pick one and sit there. It may seem weird at first, but if the ideas are flowing take advantage. If you’re in your car, please don’t drive. If you’re in the shower, please don’t turn the water on. And, if you’re in the park, please try not to talk to yourself. It freaks people out.

Schedule, schedule, schedule

I can’t write because I don’t have time. Yada-yada-yada. Make time by scheduling it in. You schedule your gym, work and time with friends. Why not this? If it is important to you then put it in your calendar–put it in your old-school paper agenda book or plug it into your ridiculously high-tech phone. New Year’s is the time for making plans to get things done, so get this done.

Get support

When you’re alone you find anything else to do than write, like cleaning the kitchen top to bottom using rubber gloves and Ajax. Between you and us, we know that kitchen has been a disaster all last year. The key here is to connect with people who will hold you accountable. These people need to be brutal to the point when you flake on meeting them for a “writing session” they give you so much grief you call in sick from work in order to make up the writing. Do the same to them, be sure they hear about it when they flake too.

We got down to work so quickly we didn’t even wish you an almost happy new year’s. Let’s remedy that-HAPPY ALMOST NEW YEAR’S. No seriously go write or we will call your support group, we have them on speed dial.

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