Part III: How to Be an Author


Now that you have followed the breadcrumbs from reader to writer to here, you must have some questions. How does one transition from a writer to a full-blown author. Good question anonymous citizen.

  1. Stop stressing over that name change. A writer and an author have the same fundamental skills: they write. Splitting hairs over distinction takes aways from the meaning behind being a writer, which is someone who writes (See what I’m saying?). No where in there is promise of success.
  2. Finish Writing a Story: If you are determined to become an author, you must successfully finish a story. That means even having it edited. It must be more than something you deem perfect, because let’s face it, you are a little biased.
  3. Learn to Market: Authors aren’t just great writers, they are great marketers. Writing a great book will not be the only step to acclaim, you must work even more for it. The harsh truth is there are hundreds of other people who want to write to. So marketing is essential to pull you from the crowd.

As you can see, reading is the gateway to writing, which is then the on-ramp to being an author. Have questions on this or anything else? Be sure to contact Pypeline Editing today.

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