Story Starters: Some Ideas to Get Your Story Started

You are staring at a blank page. In the shower, at the gym, driving in the car–you have all these great ideas. Yet, when you’re sitting down, ready to write, your mind is blank. Let Pypeline Editing provide you with some story starters to get your creative juices flowing. These may not be your ending stories or maybe these will end up being the inspiration for your best seller.


Story Starter #1: Male villains are so commonplace. Create a female villain. What motivates her? Is she fantasy inspired with amazing abilities or is she a common criminal with a shady past? What does she do? Who does she hurt?

Story Starter #2: Write a story from the cannibal’s perspective. When was his first taste of flesh? Was it so delicious he had to keep eating? At the end of the day, does he see other humans as people or strictly food?

Story Starter #3: A child is stuck in a cast for summer vacation and must improvise. What adventures does this child create in his/her home? What simple tool becomes infused with magical abilities during these adventures?

Story Starter #4: Write a tragic love story from the jilted ex-lover’s perspective. Does he/she become redeemed at the end or does jealousy become all-consuming? How does the ex know of this new love–is traditional stalking, cyber-stalking or just word-of-mouth involved?

Story Starter #5: There are stories of a human being learning to walk again after a tragedy or simply learning to live again. Write a similar story, but from an animal’s point of view. What is the same and what is different? Is the pain and tragedy still there? If so, how does it manifest?

Writing is like many other activities, it requires exercise and practice. You may have sat down to write a novel, but even writing a short story can help improve writing style, give you the opportunity to play with many ideas you wouldn’t otherwise. If you need assistance, have questions or just want to chat–contact Pypeline Editing today.

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