Three Best Well-Written Heroes

ww606coverIf you have read Three Best Well-Written Villains then you are on your way to an amazing story. Now, you need a hero on the other side of that villain. Here are three amazing heroes representing main hero archetypes that you can use in your writing.

  1. Wonder Woman: This is the good woman to the max. Everything about this person is good from how he or she treats people to how he or she views justice. No gray areas here, good should be good no matter what. Save the world before lunchtime? You bet.
  2. Han Solo: This guy is bad, but also good. He may do some pretty bad things at times, but will ultimately choose to do something good when it calls for it. Save the world, but steal something beforehand, well if I must.
  3. Harry Potter: This person does not fit in, and for all intents and purposes, is not viewed as much of a hero. This person is a misfit, an outsider, weird. Does he or she save the world, or at least save something despite the disadvantages? You bet!

Heroes can be just as tough to write as villains because you’re going to want him or her to be really good. Want to show off your amazingly written hero? Feel free to comment below or send us a message!

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