Tips from an Expert: How to Write from a Writer

PE laptopYou asked and we are delivering on schedule, because that is what editors do. Here is an interview with a writer who is giving you tips on how to write. We shall call this writer Todd Jones and we will say he writes in Minden, Nevada and is the author of a very popular series about whatever you care about. His tips are top-notch, and he doesn’t just speak to anyone. Pypeline Editing received the honor of interviewing him in person and we are divulging all the secrets he dished out. Let us tell you, his words will blow your mind, they will inspire you and ultimately arm you with the knowledge you need to write. This interview will–well you’ll read below!

Pypeline Editing (PE): So tell us Mr. Jones, what is your number one tip for writers?

Todd Jones (TJ): Write.

PE: You are a man of few words. Do you care to elaborate?

TJ: On what?

PE: On “Write?”

TJ: Well, a writer must first grab a writing utensil of some kind and touch it to paper. Although, that is not altogether correct these days, now is it? A writer could also type away on a keyboard, tap the screen of a tablet or smart phone or even speak into a recording device. The fact is getting what is in here {points to head} out for the world to see.

PE: So, what you are saying to us, as well as all of our readers, is the key to writing is to write?

TJ: That is correct.

PE: That is the secret for all your success?

TJ: You asked the secret to writing, and that is the secret. The secret to being successful is a whole other story and a whole other interview.

PE: Er, thank you for your time Mr. Jones.

TJ: My pleasure, I would be more than happy to speak again some other time.

All joking aside, the secret to writing is to write. Not to become successful, to impress that person or to escape your job–writing is an activity, a lifestyle and an important part of our civilization. If you want to write, no one and nothing is stopping you. Take time today and write. We promise to tackle down Todd Jones for tips on being a successful writer and we will share those once we have them.

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