Tough Love: Harsh Writing Advice

5122457_12145711_bYou need tough skin to be a writer. You will receive criticism throughout your career and it might be hard to hear some of the things people say about your work. Since we are here to help, below are some pieces of blunt writing advice to prepare you for what you might face throughout your writing career.

Not everything you write is a masterpiece. Despite what your mom might tell you, not everything you write is perfect. Even the best writers occasionally product works that are not worth publishing. Make sure to review your work and have trustworthy people review it as well. Decide if what you have written is quality writing before you share it with the world.

You might not be able to write everything. Unfortunately, very few writers can write on every subject. Just because you are a great writer in one genre, that doesn’t mean you are great at writing in every genre. It is good to branch out and see what you can do, but sometimes it doesn’t always work. If you find that you can’t write in other genres, stick to what you know.

Having a great book doesn’t equal great success. There are many great authors out there, but very few of them reach New York Best Seller status. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to get there, but keep in mind that the odds are against you. Work hard at advertising yourself and your book and hope that the world will pay attention.

Hopefully now that you have read this harsh advice, your skin is a little thicker, so dry your tears and go write.

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