Unusual Writing Tips

As a writer, you probably hear the same writing advice over and over. Make sure you dedicate some time to write, read constantly, don’t censor yourself during the writing phase, etc. Those are good tips for writers, but we wanted to share some unusual writing tips you may not have heard.

Write a terrible story. This may pain you as a writer, but sometimes your writing will benefit from creating a poorly written story. Since you are trying to write terribly, any work done after this will most likely be far better, which will boost your confidence. It can also take off some of the pressure to always produce bestseller material.

Write out of order. If you are one of those people who has to write a story in order from beginning to end, switch things up and write in a different order. The “chaos” could help you think differently and come up with something more creative than usual.

Write while lying down. Writing while sitting at a desk might be limiting your creativity, so lie down and write. With your body relaxed, your mind will follow. Get in a comfortable position and just start writing.

Stand up. And now for something completely different. Did the lying down method not work for you? Try writing while standing up instead. The idea is just to be in a position other than the one in which you normally write to get your mind thinking in a different way.

Write in a different font. Sometimes all you need to do is look at things in another way so choose a different font. Use a fun font or the dreaded Comic Sans, as long as it is not the same one you always use.

Hopefully some of these unusual writing tips will work for some of you unusual writers out there.

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