Writer’s Block and How to Beat It

WritersBlockWhat is Writer’s Block?

Those of you familiar with it can describe it as a brick wall. It blocks all imagination, it blocks all thinking, it blocks everything. Your palms are sweaty, your brow crinkled, yet nothing comes. You stare at a blinking cursor or even a blank piece of paper, pen in hand.

Nothing. In that moment, however brief, you doubt everything. Can I write? Am I wasting my time at something I am terrible at? If I cannot write this, will I lose my passion, my home, my life? Other such worrying ensues and alas, you are a panicky mess.

Pypeline is here to help. With these tips you can demolish even the largest Writer’s Block. We will supply the sledgehammers.


  1. Do Something Else: Step away from the computer (or notepad) now. Do anything that gets you away from what you are writing. May we suggest baking cookies. We love cookies, especially chocolate chip. You can send all cookies to our office. After we eat the cookies you will find your Writer’s Block has disappeared. Remember, chocolate chip.
  2. Get Creative: Listen to music, draw something (even if your version of art is stick figures, we’re sure it’s beautiful), dance, take a nap. Trust us, a nap can do wonders for your imagination. Unless you drink caffeine, be careful. That stuff can suppress some pretty great dreams.
  3. Try Free Writing: If you are not familiar with this concept, we will explain. Free Writing is finding one topic, could be an item in your room, and writing about it. You are not trying for gold here, but sometimes luck may strike!
  4. Surround Yourself with Creative People: Unfortunately we may not always be available when you need some inspiration, but try talking with your friends. If you have none (that is the way of some writers) try walking around a museum or find some artsy types. (They usually hang out in back alleys or cramped closets.)
  5. Create a Framework: This may not be as exciting as writing the story, but focusing on the logistics of a book can sometimes inspire you. By writing it out, creating lists or even developing other areas of the story (even some already written) you can usually find that breakthrough you needed.

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