A Writer’s Inspiration: Passion in Anything You Do

webgroupYesterday the Pypeline Editing team participated in its fifth year of the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. Those of you not familiar with the organization, it is a non-profit geared toward breast cancer research. The Race for the Cure is its biggest fundraising event where people from the area rally together, get exercise and raise funds for research in order to cure this particular form of cancer.


This is how we get inspiration to write. It is not necessarily supporting an organization such as this; it is finding passion for something, anything. No matter how small, your writing will take inspiration from your life and the various things you are involved in. Here are some tips:



  1.  Go Larping: If you do not recognize this term this may not be for you. Or maybe this will open a new chapter in your life. We don’t know, neither do we judge. LARP stand for Live Action Role Playing. In it you dress as a character (wizard, knight, centaur, honey badger) and join others of this ilk who fight a battle in the woods somewhere. If this doesn’t get the fantasy inspiration juices flowing the only other thing to do is to actually become a wizard. We’ve tried, it’s not that easy.
  2.  Travel to Space: Unless you are a NASA astronaut, or someone with an amazing background in aeronautics, physics and technology this may not seem easy. Or is it? That old cardboard box in your garage is the best space shuttle we’ve ever seen. Jump in and imagine the sights you would see. Keep in mind, you are traveling in your mind, so any danger you may experience is self-inflicted and you cannot sue Pypeline Editing for planting the idea in your head. Inception is hard to prove.
  3.  Go Camping: This may seem the most tame. If so then you’ve never been camping with Katniss Everdeen when you’re out of food. That girl is grumpy. Relish in the isolation, the beauty of nature, the amazingness of the world. Is this where travelers would rest before reaching Camelot? Is this where a family would picnic before the zombies attack? Is this where superheroes crash during their epic fight over who has the tightest spandex? The hills are alive with the sound of music or more likely, the words to your next novel. Take advantage.

Now as a writer you may not always have the luxury to sit back and humor your imagination. Sitting in a cardboard box is fun on a weekend, but you can’t do it at work without getting strange looks. Even the most exciting character has prosaic days doing chores, eating dinner or even watching TV. Embrace that. This will make your characters relatable and the murders, the chase, the magic even more exciting in comparison. Every day has magic, just show the readers where it is.

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